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All the world's a stage

Creative Drama for Kids


Creative Drama for Kids classes involve drama games and activities, simple improvisation and puppetry. Drama will help kids to improve self - expression, working as a team and become more confident.

Adults Theatre Workshops


Unique blend of physical theatre, viewpoints, improve, text work, acting games and creativity. None of the workshops are the same. It's a lot of fun, creativity and diversity. Whatever is your reason to come along... 


Seventh Land Theatre is running range of Theatre/Acting/Creative Drama/Art workshops. If you didn't find a workshop you were looking for below, please contact us and we might be able to organise it for you. Seventh Land can run workshops in English and Polish language. All booking can be done by eventbrite or by e-mail. To book by e-mail, click 

gallery/actors space

Pottery for Kids


Pottery for kids is a class suitable for all ages. Working with clay will allow your kids unleash their creativity and explore extent of their imagination.